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Facepainting, Airbrush Tattoos, 

& Henna

Our Face Painters are professionals. Not only are we fast but we tailor our designs to your needs. Call us to discuss your particular event and we will give you some great ideas to get the most people done in your timeline. See our Services Gallery!

Contact us for more information:

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Face Painting

An airbrush tattoo of roses with black swirls and stars
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Airbrush Tattoos

Our airbrush tattoos are the talk of the town! Airbrush tattoos are hypoallergenic and fun for kids or adults.  See our Services Gallery!

Contact Deb: 816-225-5246 or

A hand with intricate henna designs
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Henna painted temporary tattoos are great for Bridal Showers, Birthdays, & After Prom events. Note: size of event determines size of designs done for gig. See our Services Gallery!

Contact Deb: 816-225-5246 or

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