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"Kind and Gentle Caricatures"

The Fine Tooners draw standard caricatures and digital caricatures of anything you can thing of. Need a pet caricature? You got it. Need a personalized gift? Consider it done. 

 "Deb's caricatures are amazing! She does a good job of representing the person. They are beautifully done with bright colors. Truly a work of art that deserves to be framed!" Tracy 

For Covid-19 events - all caricatures are drawn from 6 feet apart. 

Standard, Speedy Caricatures.

  • Drawn in 3 minutes or less

  • Great for in person events

  • Black & white for speed drawings

  • Colored caricatures for gift commissions

  • Great for wedding receptions, holiday parties, birthday parties, picnics & more!

  • Drawn from 6 feet apart!

Digital Caricatures

Commission only. Not for in person, quick draw events. Great for: 

  • Handmade, personalized gifts for Christmas, birthdays, retirement, etc.

  • Logos for your business

  • Profile pictures

Pet Caricatures

Pet caricatures make great gifts. They can be drawn digitally or as a traditional caricature. 

Coaster Caricatures

Coaster caricatures make great party favors. Use them for your wedding reception, holiday party, or birthday party!

With a hole punch the coasters can make great Christmas tree ornaments or necklaces.

Organza net bags or cello bags can be ordered in addition to the caricatures to put your caricatures in. 

Contact Deb for pricing.

Preprinted Paper

Do you want to personalize your paper for your grand opening, wedding reception, special event? Preprinted paper can be used to:

  • Put your logo on caricatures for prospective clients

  • Personalize favors for your wedding reception or parties

  • Draw faster caricatures with pre-drawn bodies & backgrounds for large events 

  • Pre-draw artwork for themed events or businesses


Pricing for artwork and paper starts at $75.00 for a simple design but ask for details. Quotes are impacted by details of the design and number of artists at event and number of people expected at event. Call for details. 

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