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Judy Porter and Deb McQueen came together in 1997 to start their own Caricaturing Company after having worked since the early 80s as freelance caricature artists for different entertainment agents in the Kansas City and Springfield area. Debra McQueen has over 30 years experience as a professional Caricature artist and Judy Porter is close to that number as well. Now run solely by Deb, The Fine Tooners represent other artists who work with her along with Professional Face painters, Airbrush Tattoo artists, Fun Fortune Tellers, Balloon artists and more! Fine Tooners is also represented by agents including two national agents. If you call us for your event we will be on time and our "kind and gentle" caricatures will make everyone smile who gets drawn!

About Judy 

As a former founder of the Fine Tooners, Judy Porter added three dimension to her caricatures by sculpting caricature dolls.

This led Judy to sculpting award winning ball jointed dolls for several doll companies. This left less time to be involved with the Fine Tooners. Just for fun she is still part of the team working caricature events, but no longer is part owner.

However she still take the occasional sculpted 3D caricature commission, for grads, retirements, anniversaries etc. (so maybe that gets me out of retirement?)

About Us

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